With the President of Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella.
Small gestures have great meaning.

Future of TriesteOpen dialogue and confrontation on the future of the city of Trieste with the Mayor Roberto Dipiazza, City Councellor Giorgio Rossi and Arch. Dr. Andrea Battistoni. At the opening ceremony of the exhibition Trieste Cittá Nuova, Palazzo Gopcevich, Trieste (Exhibition promoted and curated by Luca Paschini and Christoph Luchsinger)

zaha hadid
A recognition by Zaha on our work pays many years of fighting against ugliness.
(ZAHA HADID, Pritzker Prize Laureate 2004)

The theoretical support of Patrik Schumacher has always been a guide for the planning,
even for the design of the details. Thank you Patrik!


On the cover of the design magazine “Outsider” with the project of the Showroom of Stroli Stone

“… il cui lavoro è interrogato con assiduità, con grande capacità di comprendere e con una forte attitudine a suggerire orientamenti per la ricerca da una serie di critici altrettanto giovani tra i quali Valerio Paolo Mosco, Luca Paschini, Paola Pierotti, Luca Gibello, Antonio Cardillo, Nicola Leopardi, Carlotta Zucchini – saranno sicuramente capaci di estendere la capacità creativa di cui dispongono fino a farla coincidere con l’intera estensione ideale e operativa del progetto.”
Franco Purini, Roma, 29/09/2010

Franco Purini proposes Luca Paschini as one of Italy’s most influential architectural critics.
(In G2, Utet Turin, 2010)

With Ambassador of Italy in Austria Giorgio Marrapodi (2014)

Utet_copertine Triennale R_Page_3
Books of 313 pages and an exhibition at the Triennale di Milano to show the quality of Italian architects.
For the publisher UTET Scienze Tecniche.


Vienna Design Week 2011
Presenting at the Vienna Design Week, with Marco Dessi, Michael Obrist, Tulga Beyerle,
Fabrizio Iurlano, Emilio Pircher, Giulio Polita.

TU facade 2012
First Lecture at the TU Wien

screenshot of PDF
At the CAFA – CENTRAL ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS – Beijing, as Visiting Professor

With MA YANGSON, YOSUKE HAYANO AND DAN CHUNG (MAD ARCHITECTS) to celebrate in Venice a great practice and good friendship.
To serve the community as member of the city planning commission of one of the most beautiful city in the world.

From the experience in the atelier of Boris Podrecca we have learned the poetic of the materials, the power of the details and the needs of the public spaces.
More over we have discovered the beauty of the works of central european architects as Max Fabiani and José Plecnik.

Miralles signature

Eric Miralles had no limits: his search for new space conditions was pure and free


Peter Eisenman´s theoretical study on Terragni opens up to the most sophisticated architectural discourse. But only a few people know that Peter Eisenman´s secret library contains also the Italian -Gazzetta dello Sport.


Jean Nouvel
No compromises.
Both in architecture and in life.
How best to summarize the learning lesson gained from Jean Nouvel?

casabellas together

Casabella black

At the beginning there was the number 0. Not published, just for testing the new direction of development.
Since 1996 Luca Paschini has been writing for the international magazine Casabella.
In 1999 Luca Paschini edited the monographic issue on Vienna’s development.

casabella red vertical
Poche e profonde cose – Few and profound things.
A great master and a great thinker. With deep roots on the meanings of things.
Just few minutes were enough to get the picture and to understand the aim.

With the support of ICE / Italian Trade Agency
we presented the Italian architects and designers in China, with an issue of Archi100 

Will Alsop
Will Alsop was extremely open to new visions, and he always shares with the others the pleasure of discovering



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